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Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Services

At Interlake Electric, the majority of our work stems from commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects. We provide electrical installations, repairs, preventative maintenance, and inspections to a variety of establishments from hospitals and schools to farms and sewage plants. Having your electrical systems run smoothly is integral to your business’ success. Faulty wiring or malfunctioning equipment can disrupt your schedule, costing you time and money. Trust Interlake Electric to quickly handle any electrical issues that arise. Schedule a free estimate today.


Some of our services have included, but are not limited to:

• Electrical Panel Fabrication

• Upgrades

• Equipment Installation, Repairs, & Renovations

• Service, Support, & System Upgrade

• Electrical Part Replacement

• Oil & Gas Wiring


We’ve taken on projects for the following:

• Hospitals

• Schools

• Farms

• Water Treatment Plants

• Sewage Treatment Plants

• Underground Wire Systems

• Parking Lot Lights

• Stony Mountain Penitentiary

• Crushers


Security Equipment


Keep your buildings, equipment, and employees safe with a fully functional security system. Interlake Electric installs and integrates security systems for your protection. We provide a full service to all areas of the security systems including:


• Data Networking

• Parking Lighting Systems

• Automated Building Controls

• Security Cameras

Installing outlet
Electricial tools
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